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Hue is a collection of hand-picked color palettes for inspire your design and make beautiful website and app.

Hue is as clean as they come and the simplicity is hard to ignore. No frills, just colors, and just plain fun to browse. The system is based on 60-30-10 color ratio rule and it help you to balance and apply the colors to your design.

The basic rule

The most effective website and app color scheme follows the 60-30-10 ratio.

This rule means that the main hue is applied to 60% of the site while the secondary color is applied on the remaining 30%. The last 10% must be devoted to an accent color that heavily contrasts with the two predominant colors. The accent color is used to emphasize critical material on the site like a Call-to-Action.


Main color

The main color will be used about 60% throughout the design. Choose one that is neutral and is easy on the eyes.

Secondary color

The secondary color will be used in 30% of the design. It should contrast with the main color to create visual interest.

Accent color

The accent color will be used in 10%of the design, and should contrast well with the other colors.

Sample Pages Included

Learn faster the color method with some desktop and mobile examples.

20 Color Combinations

20 ready made color combinationsfor inspire your designs.

100% Editable

You can modify or generate new color combinations for your designs.

For Sketch App

Transform your Sketch designs into colorful prototypes with Hue.


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