If you want to meet or discuss a project — email me or simply fill my contact form.

How can we start a project together?

Great question! The first step is to get in touch by filling out my contact form, which you’ll find here.

I usually start my projects with a discovery call, followed by a short exploration phase where we work with you to define the project scope and services we can help you with. We’ll then proceed to share our cost estimate, prepare a statement of work and schedule in kickoff calls.

Once the paperwork is complete and the deposit payment is settled, we get to work!

How much do projects usually cost?

I have a MEF (minimum engagement fee) in place, which means all projects cost €2500 or more.

Over the years, I’ve discovered this is the minimum figure that allows me to provide all my clients with a consistently high standard of work across multiple services, whilst allowing room for projects to change. I offer my clients a number of different dynamic billing structures, including fixed project fees, hourly rates, and monthly retainers for both design and development services.

What sectors do you specialise in?

I work primarily with technology SMEs, corporations, and funded startups who develop products in the SaaS, finance, banking, property, healthcare, transport, and communication sectors.

I like to collaborate closely with clients, and see the best results when working directly with CEOs, Heads of Marketing, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing, Product or Technology.

I make especially great partners for companies who are growing fast and need a scalable design system, modular CMS and a future-proof brand identity that they can manage internally as their user base grows.

What do you need to make an estimate?

I am focused on human-centric design which includes my processes, so we’d always suggest getting in touch first and we can talk you through what we need in more detail.