Web Design

Defining and shaping entire fashion ecommerce



Ambrosio is a historical brand of Sardinian high-end clothing boutiques where the vision of style has been handed down for generations. I partnered with them to design and develop a high end ecommerce experience, helping drive growth and guiding the brand in its successful early stages of online selling.

Tradition meet a modern approach

The design language is rooted in accessibility, a minimal approach, product-centric images and rich levels of interaction and animation. The new website stands out from a sea of equality as a modern and engaging online experience.

Built to perform

We have adopted an innovative approach to the e-commerce solution, a light layout and a library of simple modules that allows us to optimize loading and waiting times that today make the difference in sales performance.

Details make the difference

Product pages are the focal point of the shopping experience, intentionally designed to bring details to life and with an engaging effect. The page allows you to find all the information the customer needs to reassure him and encourage him to buy without second thoughts.

Meet your audience where they are

Responsive considerations are at the heart of our design approach and we always prioritize the goals of the primary audience. Navigation and layouts have been reorganized to support these goals and gesture-based interaction has been implemented to improve mobile navigation; help customers find what they need quickly.