Web Design

A modern way to experience bathroom forniture



Cristina is a historic made in Italy design brand of bathroom supplies known all over the world, reserch and innovation since 1949. We partnered with them to redesign their website and develop a robust digital ecosystem, all work together to complete the high-level experience to showcase their products and expand their operational capabilities.

Personality, personality, personality

For a brand of design supplies, images are everything, and the brand must be at the center of the scene. To bring Cristina's digital identity to life, I have adopted ways to best showcase the style of the brand and the beautiful environments created by its designers. Bold titles give voice to their new perspective, while large, richly rendered photographs draw the viewer into the luxurious spaces in which they specialize.

Focused on the products

To put their impactful client projects front and center, we developed a site that was heavy on visuals and light on UI. Their unique personality needed to live across everything, while staying in balance with the portfolio of projects at the site’s heart.

Design System

Being an Italian design company sets the level of expectations of the highest audience, we have designed an experience defined by its intuitiveness and refined user interface. Every detail was considered in depth, from color to typography, photography and custom iconography, all working together to establish credibility and earn a place among the top competitors.

Beyond responsive

These days, a mobile-friendly website is table stakes, and we’re not satisfied with just creating a standard mobile experience. We approached the design of each device deliberately, tailoring the experience for mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices. No matter how Cristina's audience engages with their website, it’s designed to shine.