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Liu Jo


Liu Jo needs no introduction, it is synonymous of Italian fashion style in the world. They have a clear vision of sustainability that “Through fashion, you can read and discover the world. We believe you can also change it”, I helped them transform it into an engaging digital experience where fashion and nature come together.

A natural approach

Liu Jo is recognized for both his unmistakable style and his unique concept of sustainable fashion. We have extended their vision on the website by pairing nature image textures with the concepts behind their concepts and data of their commitment to corporate sustainability.

Keeping it simple

With a bias towards a large audience, we decided to improve the clarity of the content to strengthen the connection with their audience. We infused the concepts with much needed context, guiding their approach to sustainability while at the same time layering the supporting information into the company details.

Cool, calm, and immersive

To evoke the serene and positive atmosphere of the concepts, we imagined the website as an elegant natural showroom where viewers could immerse themselves in the browsing experience. The content is set against a minimalist background, with smooth animations and subtle interactions that guide users through the website.

Made for mobile

The editorial and long-running nature of the content lends itself to mobile and tablet consumption, and we have developed a responsive strategy that focuses on long, comfortable reads. Careful consideration has been given to the visual presentation, with an emphasis on readability and clean, simplified layout.